Kicking the habit: emotional eating and junk-food addiction (# Weeks 7 and 8)

To recap:

  • last fortnight – I replaced another meal each day with juicing and tried a few new healthy snack ideas (organic cocoa with xylitol was particularly amazing! Sure beats high-sugar hot chocolate!).

This fortnight  I changed my solid meal a day to lunchtime instead of dinner, with mixed results.

Having made the tough psychological adjustment down to one meal last fortnight, this time around, I focused on really listening to what my body was craving – and found that over all, my meals are getting smaller and healthier – but not without a few bumps-in-the-road…

New things I tried:

  • I got myself organised and went to the local farmers’ markets – what a revolution! The biggest, juiciest, healthiest options available! AMAZING quality all-organic food – and so much cheaper than the supermarkets!
  • Chia seeds! What a find! They’re deliciously crunchy on salads and make a wonderful addition to juices! They expand nicely in the tummy, giving a lovely satiated ‘full’ feeling, which makes them an ideal addition to meal-replacement juices, though you must add them at the last moment just before you drink the juice, otherwise it thickens up too much and becomes gluggy and undrinkable!
  • I also added pro-biotics to aid digestion (no point eating/drinking all this good stuff if my body can’t digest/adsorb it properly, right?); though I shall have to remember to only have them when I’m not having a hot drink! A friend advised me to have them last thing at night to allow plenty of time for them to become established in the gut. Sounds like good advice, so I’m trying to adopt that whenever I remember.

Week 7 was a dream – I wasn’t very hungry at all and was only craving healthy foods. I started to rejoice at my progress! I lost 1.5kg (3.3 pounds)!

But then in Week 8… well, things got a little messy! I got the ‘flu, which meant I was too exhausted to do all the shopping, food-prep and cleaning up for the juicing. When I stopped juicing, the sugar/caffeine cravings came flooding back and I stuffed myself with junk – which made me even more tired (not to mention moody!) and OhMyGoodness – the headaches! Oh, and I put on 1kg (2.2 pounds) in just four days! On the up-side, I didn’t actually enjoy the junk food AT ALL (even while I was eating it!) and I now have a re-newed appreciation for the benefits of the juicing. So, now that I’m well again, I’m straight back to what I know makes me feel great!

Now that my energy levels have returned to that of a normal person, I’m finding that I’m starting to feel a little bit restless! I could not have imagined that I would ever be in a position where I have so much energy that I’d start to crave activity! Let’s just re-visit that idea for a moment – I actually WANT to exercise! AMAZING!

So, I’ve enrolled in a kettlebell class! It’s only once a week, but I’ve committed to attending for a full 12-week term. That should help start to firm up the muscles and shift a little of my stubborn excess bulge!

Here’s my progress summary this fortnight:

# WEEKS 7 and 8

In building upon my progress so far, this fortnight, I:

  1. Ate my one solid meal at lunchtime where-ever feasible (if I didn’t have dinner plans)
  2. Added chia seeds and pro-biotics to my daily in-take
  3. Added a little regular exercise (a single intense 1-hour session of weight resistance training per week) 


  • Mood/energy/sleep quality: Variable. Great the first week, when I ate really well – and very moody the second week when I ate junk food.
  • Physical ailments: Had the ‘flu this fortnight, which sent me into a spiral of bad habits
  • Weight loss: 0.5 kg (1.1 pounds)

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2 Responses to Kicking the habit: emotional eating and junk-food addiction (# Weeks 7 and 8)

  1. Ivy Blaise says:

    Kettlebells are supposed to be an amazing workout. Never really tried. I look forward hearing how it goes!

  2. pampeekemd says:

    Congratulations on getting over the flu and back on track. I always tell my patients to reorganize and learn from the experience when they slip. Sounds like you’ve come a long way in recognizing hunger and the deleterious affects of junk food, let alone their lack of true taste compared to whole, healthy foods.

    Congratulations, too, on adding kettlebells to your program. Leep up the good work and focus on including foods high in phenylalanine, tyrosine and B6 vitamins, because they’re brain-rebuilders needed in order to recover food addiction.

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