Kicking the habit: emotional eating and junk-food addiction (# Weeks 9 and 10)

To recap:

  • last fortnight – I changed my solid meal a day to lunchtime instead of dinner (with mixed results) and enrolled in a kettlebell class!

This fortnight was intense; my mother had major surgery and I started a new job, so I kept my goals very modest.

New things I tried:

  • New teas to help with cutting back on my coffee intake (Cafe Latte and Mint Slice – yes those really are tea flavours!)
  • Enrolled in a ladies’ golf class (it’s something I’ve always wanted to do!)

Now that I’ve been doing the single solid meal a day for several weeks, I’m starting to see some consistent fat loss results. At roughly 0.5kgs (1.1 pounds) a week, it’s slow progress – but it’s a steady and sustainable rate that doesn’t require too much sacrifice on my part.

This fortnight my coffee intake was a bit too high, as I had loads of meet-and-greet discussions with people in my new job, so I ended going out for coffee rather a lot!

The kettlebell classes are up-and running, and are loads of fun – and very challenging!

Here’s my progress summary this fortnight:

# WEEKS 9 and 10

In building upon my progress so far, this fortnight, I:

  1. Continued to only eat one solid meal per day
  2. Added another activity to my weekly schedule (a weekly golf class)


  • Mood/energy/sleep quality: AWFUL! The city I live in suffered a bit of a heat-wave, so it’s been very difficult to sleep.
  • Physical ailments: I felt pretty tired this fortnight, though that could well be due to all the bad weather and new job stress
  • Weight loss: 1 kg (2.2 pounds)

[See also: Weeks 7 and 8]


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