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Top 5: Ways to live the life you want

Wanna change your life, but not sure where to start? Sick and tired of waking up feeling sick-and-tired? Strung-out? Overweight? Miserable? Lost? Here are a few of my favourite tried-and-true, mind-altering, life-changing practices that won’t break the bank (and AREN’T bad for … Continue reading

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Your most important relationship (with YOU!)

Those cringe-worthy self-help mantras about needing to love yourself before you can love anyone else always make me barf. It inspires visions of sickeningly self-satisfied new-age Californian wannabe-gurus (or worse, mid-western hypocritical Jimmy Baker/Billy Graham types) morally and physically contorted into … Continue reading

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Top 5: Tips for breaking the late-night binge-cycle and ending the weight-loss struggle

This one goes out to bookjunkie, who asked me to write a post on managing night-time cravings… You started your day with a handful of blueberries sprinkled over your non-fat yoghurt and an acai berry tea for breakfast. Lunch was an organic salad … Continue reading

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Lipstick singleton

In broad daylight, I flirted with a man. Having departed the office this sunny afternoon, I was driving into the city to meet a couple of girlfriends for a cocktail or two and a funny movie. Shedding the multitude of … Continue reading

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