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Why are we here?

I’ve spoken before about my theory of the meaning of life. Today, I want to tackle another big question: Why are we here? and perhaps even have a little tug at unravelling my tangled thoughts on the freewill argument. (For … Continue reading

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Ask – and you shall receive

I’ve spent the last 18 months in a personal wilderness. I’ve made a lot of progress in that time, but it’s not been easy. An extended period of severe depression was followed by intense introspection, reflection and a whole lot of … Continue reading

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I’m a quitter

I’ve quit my Education for Ministry class. The first session for the year was supposed to be tonight, but I’ve withdrawn. I concede that my rationale sounds incredibly selfish, (because it is), but I only get one evening a week … Continue reading

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Top 5: Signs you’re a religious nutter

# Top 5: Signs you’re a religious nutter 1. You have a burning desire to share the love You just KNOW that you havebeen hand-picked by God to share your personal relationship with God with everyone you meet…. and share you do: … Continue reading

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