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Top 5: Ways to find, form and foster unconditional love in your life

This post goes out to Jane, whose struggle – and courage – inspired me to write it. Unconditional love is the holy grail of human existence. We all long to belong. When we buy pretty trinkets, we’re trying to prove … Continue reading

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Life lessons from a dysfunctional family (PLUS what others think of you and how to banish anxiety from your life)

When my mother fell gravely ill recently, I was confronted by who my family really are. While gut-wrenchingly disappointed by the recent lack of familial support, I learned a most important life lesson. The chasm between who you who think … Continue reading

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Your most important relationship (with YOU!)

Those cringe-worthy self-help mantras about needing to love yourself before you can love anyone else always make me barf. It inspires visions of sickeningly self-satisfied new-age Californian wannabe-gurus (or worse, mid-western hypocritical Jimmy Baker/Billy Graham types) morally and physically contorted into … Continue reading

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Top 5: Management lessons from motherhood

Everything I know about management, I learned from being a mum. Well, everything useful, at any rate. Motherhood develops some often under-recognised life-skills that translate seamlessly into management best practice. If you’re a mum on the verge of returning to … Continue reading

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