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# Top 5: Ways to spend a partnerless evening

Whether you’re sans-family for the evening, your partner is out of town, or you’re single and looking for something to do, here’s my Top 5 list of things to do with your night to yourself! 1. Curl up with your … Continue reading

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I’m so proud of me!

Today I bought a fistful of electrical do-dads and finally managed to hook-up my new TV to the DVD player and get the channels tuned in. Then, I dismantled my computer and installed a PCI card on the motherboard, so … Continue reading

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Reclaim your life in 15 minutes (The 15 Minute Rule)

We all want to be more organised in our lives, but it’s easy to get too busy to know where to start. Unable to see the forest for the trees, we become overwhelmed with our obligations, expectations and the myriad … Continue reading

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I am woman – hear me squeal

I like to think I’m an empowered woman in charge of my own destiny. I have navigated my way firmly towards the pointy-end of a divorce by myself. I’ve bought and sold a number of houses over the years, have … Continue reading

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