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Stuff and nonsense (the pain of unrequited love)

‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. — Lord Alfred Tennyson If there‘s anything good about having your heart broken, it‘s learning that you still have one. Such an experience is especially poignant for … Continue reading

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Top 5: Ways to find, form and foster unconditional love in your life

This post goes out to Jane, whose struggle – and courage – inspired me to write it. Unconditional love is the holy grail of human existence. We all long to belong. When we buy pretty trinkets, we’re trying to prove … Continue reading

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From the mailbag: Dating… Game?

What follows is a guest post from my dear friend, and frequent commentator, Crepitus, who has recently found himself back ‘on the market’ after many, many, many years of devoted marriage. Following is an insight into his perspective on the … Continue reading

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What women (and men!) want

I used to think relationships were all about love. Then I thought it was compromise… Following several years of solid reflection following the implosion of my marriage, I’ve decided (at least for now!) that the driving force in interpersonal relationships … Continue reading

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