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What women (and men!) want

I used to think relationships were all about love. Then I thought it was compromise… Following several years of solid reflection following the implosion of my marriage, I’ve decided (at least for now!) that the driving force in interpersonal relationships … Continue reading

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Fish – needs bicycle

Searching for a partner can be a traumatic experience. Often we look for partners that will complete us, not complement us. We say it all the time: ‘he completes me’ ‘she’s my better half’ Besides being nauseating company, becoming achingly-co-dependent … Continue reading

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New job: Day 1 (inter alia)

*phew* I am exhausted. I had my first day (well, in fact, it was two half-days) at my new job this week. As expected, it was wall-to-wall meetings, but it also proved to be really interesting, and I think it’s … Continue reading

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Top 5: Reasons it’s hard being a woman

# Top 5: Reasons it’s hard being a woman 1. Promoted on your back vs pat on the back When a woman gets promoted, men assume it’s because you used your charm to get there, or your appointment smacks of … Continue reading

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