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An open letter to my angry adolescent

Written in response to an angry email I received from my 13-yr-old son, in which he posed the following questions: “What’s the fucking point?”, and “What the fuck do you know anyway?” [Name removed], Good questions. I urge you to … Continue reading

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Top 5: Ways to find, form and foster unconditional love in your life

This post goes out to Jane, whose struggle – and courage – inspired me to write it. Unconditional love is the holy grail of human existence. We all long to belong. When we buy pretty trinkets, we’re trying to prove … Continue reading

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Why are we here?

I’ve spoken before about my theory of the meaning of life. Today, I want to tackle another big question: Why are we here? and perhaps even have a little tug at unravelling my tangled thoughts on the freewill argument. (For … Continue reading

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Top 5: Fundamental elements of trust

I wrote this post for a junior staff member of mine who asked me “What does trust LOOK like? and how  can I build it?” Trust is so often one of things we FEEL (or don’t) – rather than something we can consciously evaluate. … Continue reading

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