Still small voice

I’ve had a few people enquire about my sense-of-faith recently.  This is what I (currently) believe:


# God

  • That which we identify as ‘God’ is, in fact, the universe, or the state of being, rather than a (supernatural) being. He is not some big patriarchal guy up on a throne looking down on what we do from on high, having created the world in 6 days. God is not the creator and ruler of the universe. God IS creation and the universe. God is creation in the broader sense. God is BEING. God IS being. Not A being.  As such, God is omnipresent and asexual.
  • Using human terms to describe God, while it enables us to relate to God, also leads to dangerous over-simplifications by limiting our ability to understand and comprehend what God is, how God works, and what that all means.
  • We need to ask God for help.
  • Transformation of life is the point of God’s gift of faith.
  • God brings us suffering that we may learn humility from our mistakes, and learn to truly forgive those of others.
  • While I believe that monotheism is the ultimate truth; I don’t believe any one religion has the monopoly on truth. All nourishing expressions of faith are valid. All roads lead to Rome. All wells lead to the one well-spring. Eventually all expressions of faith will be cross-denominational, because individual schools-of-thought are all missing the point by being exclusionary. There is one body of Christ, one God and we are all part of it.
  • Heaven and hell are not geographical locations. They are ways of being. You can be ‘in Hell’ or ‘in Heaven’ anywhere in the world. It describes your state-of-mind and emotional well-being; your sense of connectedness and contentedness in your relationship with God.

# Faith 

  • Prayer is more important than belief.
  • Faith is a gift from God.
  • The term ‘Christian tolerance’ is an oxymoron. It suggests a tone of condescension and propriety that is unchristian, inappropriate and unhelpful. Universal compassion is a much more constructive approach than tolerance.
  • I do believe that the bible is still relevant as a source of great teaching and great insight today. I do not believe you need to have read the bible to have a valid faith. Theology is applied contextually, and the language of the bible makes it inaccessible to many people. I do not believe the Bible to be literal, or flawless.

# The church 

  • Attendance at a church is not a prerequiste to having a sense-of-faith.
  • The church must learn to accept without seeking conversion.
  • Inherited, prescribed doctrine is worthless. Mindless dogma is reckless, dangerous and just plain wrong. Instilled faith is not faith at all. For it to have any value, a person’s individual faith must be considered, questioned, investigated, arrived at and understood by their own conscience, thought and understanding. It must not be thrust upon them.

# Humanity

  • This lifetime is more than just an infancy-like precursor to eternity.
  • Insecurity is the root of our distrust. Fear is our nemesis.
  • Trust is the hardest, most beautiful thing of all.
  • Compassion is the key to all human relationships.
  • It is through community that our lives have meaning. It is through how we live with, through and for others, that our existence becomes holy.
  • It is only in the full knowledge of how fragile and fleeting it is that we are able to know and experience true joy.
  • Being present to one another is the greatest gift we can give.
  • Suffering builds character, humility and understanding.
  • Fundamentalism in all forms is reckless, ill-informed and inhumane.
  • Humankind is capable of unimaginable, senseless cruelty.
  • Humankind is capable of extraordinary kindness and selflessness.
  • It is through acts of selflessness that our perception of self is created.
  • A curious mind is essential to the societal growth.

# The universe

  • Reason is an act of faith. To assume that what we think is correct requires a faith in that which we believe to be true.
  • As we learn more about ontology and the physics of the universe, we gain a greater insight into God.
  • Evidence-based faith is just as important as evidence-based science.

16 Responses to Still small voice

  1. DAVID COLES shares his personal journey to waking up on Earth says:

    Well at least you get comments from people. I am not so fortunate. Poor little me. I am making the big mistake of actually exposing the whole human debacle and even offering a pathway to turn shit into gold….and still no interest. lol

    When I have time I will come back and read your stuff more thoroughly as you are obviously one smart cookie!

    • Lyn Campbell says:

      Poor David! You seem like an articulate and insightful chap (you must be if you think I’m smart, right? tee hee hee). It’s taken me a long time to build up a readership-base. Keep writing. The readers and comments will come.

  2. Writing as Lara Hunter says:

    Great stuff! I have enjoyed reading your blogs! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Ivy Blaise says:

    Brilliant description! I really like your points on “Humanity” – made me smile and nod in agreement. 🙂

  4. Andy says:

    Your creed is very good. As in your own words, your curious mind allowed you to grow.
    And keep growing.

  5. paul mckay says:

    I like your creed but for the most part–are you a P.K.? (preacher’s kid?) it’s usually P.K.’s or clergy or clergy candidates who’ve thought through their theology enough to write out a credo. The only thing that made me flinch was this: “God brings us suffering that we may learn humility from our mistakes, and learn to truly forgive those of others.” I just don’t think God brings us suffering or causes suffering in any way, shape or form. So much suffering and misery and death can be attributed and traced back to some human or humans. Suffering from nature–hurricanes and such–God provides us in this world with everythiing we need but it can be dangerous. If a child falls off a roof and dies, we can’t very well complain to God that he/she should have suspended gravity, which most of the time is so wonderful a thing that we take it for granted like we take every breath that keeps us alive for granted. Anyway, your blog is terrific, a real find. Rev. Paul McKay, aka “Jitterbugger”.

    • Lyn Campbell says:

      hahaha, no Paul, I’m not a preacher’s kid! Just a normal(ish- opinions may vary!), if some-what neurotic woman, who thoroughly likes to over-analyse her opinions and positions!

      I enjoyed your perspective on my credo, but I feel that you’ve taken that one point slightly too literally. I’ve stated up-front that I believe the term ‘God’ refers to being, rather than ‘A being’. Ergo, the phrase ‘God brings us suffering’ in my theological sensibility doesn’t imply that ‘Name rains down suffering upon us’, rather that ‘Existence/life/the universe contains suffering so that we may learn…’ etc…

      Thanks for stopping by – great to ‘meet’ you!

  6. philipdzo says:

    classical evolution may be darwinian;
    pm, intelligent design.

  7. jonnysoundsketch2 says:

    Interesting take…by that I don’t mean faulty, but fascinating. You make it sound like faith is a journey not a destination and I like that.

    Now you’ve piqued my curiosity to learn more…

    • lyncampbell says:

      ‘You make it sound like faith is a journey not a destination’ – I think you’ve aptly paraphrased my approach there.
      Thanks for stopping by. Happy to chat more about your thoughts on the subject.

  8. Meg says:

    Awesome! That’s really all I can say. I know it’s not much, but I figured I’d say it anyway. And I’ll say it again…awesome!

  9. arnie says:

    -God is the creator of the universe.

    -The Bible is the basis of our faith, its in reading it, that we know what we believe. Being a Christian doesnt mean kissing your brains goodbye. So the Bible is a must-read.

    -Faith in God matters most.

  10. skashliwal says:

    Small but Great VOICE.

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